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We create custom-made CSI strategies that make business sense and have a sustainable social impact focusing on:

Return on Investment Assessments

Social Impact and Sustainability Analysis

Effective Strategy Development and Implementation

Budget Management and Allocation

Project Matching & Project Management

Audit Recommendations & Compliance Management

Comprehensive Reporting

Field Research & Community Engagement

We advise on the strategic fit, conceptualisation, formulation, implementation and communication of strategic CSI projects and initiatives paying attention to:

Incorporation of

Existing Projects

Staff Volunteerism

Focusing on Clients’ Business

Grand Strategy & overall Company Objectives & Shared Values

Good Corporate Citizenship & Good Corporate Governance

Budget Optimisation

Return on Investment Reporting

Alignment with

International Best Practices

Stakeholder & Community Engagement Practices

We offer comprehensive due diligence and compliance audits on local and cross border CSI projects and initiatives to ensure cohesion and synergy with overarching organisational strategies.

Why the CSI Boutique is best suited to assist you and your organisation

We have an in-depth understanding of corporate social responsibility founded upon good corporate citizenships and how it translates into what is known in South Africa as ‘Corporate Social Investment’ (CSI).

CSI Boutique has an experienced and dedicated team with business skills in and expertise in diverse areas such as education, youth, entrepreneurship, health and the law. We apply a consistent methodology across our team.

Our unique and proven methodology balances business return on investment and measurable social impact and value.

Our early involvement and integrated team set-up ensures a seamless yet unique CSI strategy and project process while integrating staff volunteerism, community engagement, business objectives as well as viable projects not client dependent.

Our approach can support already existing strategies and projects as well as the transition to our new strategic integration.

Depending on your requirements, the team would consist of four work streams, namely finance, research, strategy, legal: risk management and compliance. These work streams are staffed by subject matter experts; some currently external strategic partners.